Chakra Therapy Practitioner Diploma Course - Distance Learning Course

Chakra Therapy Practitioner Diploma Course - Distance Learning Course

Date: -  Start anytime

Venue:  Home study/distance learning course/Correspondence Course

Cost: £149 (Please only pay £30 deposit to book your place, final balance of £119 payable before you want to start course direct to tutor)

Phone: 01643 703964


Conducted by: GT Training College

Entry requirements: None, no prior qualification is required for this course

We are a recognised and accredited College and training school by Complementary Medical Association, Westminster Indemnity & IICT

Their Diploma courses enable you to practice professionally and gain membership and insurance. You will receive a GT Training College Diploma Certificate

Course description: On completion of this CMA (Complementary Medical Association) Registered diploma course you will be a qualified therapist in your chosen subject, enabling you to gain insurance and charge clients money for treatments.

Course Format:

o You will have your own personal tutor, to support you throughout your course
o There are approximately 10 modules per course, 1-6 hrs each
o Each module has revision questions (some also have practical exercises), approx 1 hour
o Course length – you may take as long as you wish to complete your course
o Case studies are required, to consolidate your learning
Continuous assessment - to support your learning - each module has a revision questions section, and where relevant, an exercise too. Each question paper will be checked by your tutor, and feedback given, before you are sent your next module (this enables us, and you, to be confident that you understand the lesson to the required level, before moving onto the next one).

Course length – you may take as long as you wish. However some students find it constructive to set themselves target dates - for example one week per module, or two modules per month.
Case studies are required at the end of the course, to strengthen and enhance your subject knowledge and confidence
(friends and family are normally more than happy to receive free treatments).

Syllabus-Each module contains:
- Module introduction and objective
- Module subject material, text and diagrams
- Practical exercise
- Revision questions

Module 1: The Practicing Therapist
-Taking care of yourself: inc grounding, balancing, protecting and cleansing your energy body
-The Therapy Room
-Professional Ethics

Module 2: The Client
-Benefits of this treatment
-Client Consultation Form
-Post treatment advice
-Creating the client’s experience, the five senses

Module 3: Anatomy & Physiology
- Skeletal system
- Muscular system
- Cardiovascular system
- Lymphatic system
- Tissue and cells
- Skin

Module 4: Legalities
- Health & Safety
- Public Liability Insurance
- Becoming self-employed

Module 5: All About the Chakras & Energy Body
-aspects: physical, spiritual, positive, negative
-essential oils and the chakras
-crystals and the chakras
-the Aura
-the Meridians
-the ‘new’ chakras

Module 6: The Techniques and Methods
All sections in this module have experiential exercises
-scanning the chakras, intuitively or using kinesiology
-gentle neck stretch (aligning the chakras), choice of 4 techniques
-how to guide meditations
-choosing and placing crystals
-energy healing (or Reiki)
-choosing essential oils
-intuitive aura massage
-hand and foot massage techniques
-guiding colour breathing
-grounding techniques
-treatment reminder sheet

Module 7: The Treatment Routine
All sections in this module have experiential exercises
-preparation: the space, yourself, mini chakra meditation, everything you will need
-client consultation
-Chakra scanning: intuitively or kinesiology
-neck stretch
-guided meditation
-sound healing: singing bowls, choosing suitable music
-crystal healing
-chakra focused energy healing (Reiki)
-Aromatherapy Aura Massage
-grounding foot or hand massage
-colour breathing
-grounding client and therapist
-aftercare advice

Module 8: 5 Case Studies
- Instructions
- Case study template sheet

Module 9: Business & Marketing
-Setting up as a therapist
-Promoting your therapies

Module 10: Further study. Recommended reading. What next?

Requirements for this course?No previous knowledge is required. However a good command of verbal and written English is an advantage. It is also advisable that you have reasonable computer skills to enable you to email and open attachments. Tutorials are sent by a PDF file (most computers have Adobe Reader, however it is available as a free download). If you have problems with reading PDF files please email your tutor as other options may be suitable – please ask.
This course is best done by email correspondence, as new tutorials and tutor feedback are emailed to you. (If you do not have an email address – maybe you have a friend or relative who could print them off for you?) (Lessons can be posted to you by special request – please ask)

Please read Terms & Conditions before making a booking

*We take no responsibility for these courses; we are only the booking agent

It is the student’s responsibility to check coverage with their insurers BEFORE enrolling on this course