Nutrition for Therapists Diploma Course - Distance Learning Course

Nutrition for Therapists Diploma Course - Distance Learning

Date: - Start anytime

Venue: Home study/distance learning course/Correspondence Course

Cost: £130

Phone: 01643 703964


Conducted by: Claire Cornell

Course Pre-requisite - None

Home study hours: 25+, revision and exam/test

Course Accreditation - Professional Beauty Direct & ABT Insurance. You will receive a Natural Therapy Studio Diploma - accredited with the PBD & ABT

Nutrition Brief Outline Have you ever wanted to learn more about nutrition? Perhaps you are a fan of healthy eating and want to delve a bit deeper? This basic nutrition course will teach you some of the fundamental concepts of good nutrition. If you are new to the subject of nutritional health then this basic course is for you. You can also use this nutrition course as a refresher or for revision if you are studying a nutrition qualification course elsewhere. If you are already a massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, sports massage therapist or other type of complementary therapist you can use this nutrition course to give your clients some basic healthy eating aftercare advice.

Course DescriptionThis course is designed to introduce you to some of the main aspects involved with human nutrition and give you an excellent foundation to build further knowledge upon. Our Nutrition Basics course uses simple language and breaks down the topics into easy to follow sections. On this nutrition course you will look at the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, basic nutritional concepts such as understanding the role of vitamins and minerals and how the digestive system works, health promotion and obesity. You will learn how to analyse a client’s diet by implementing a food diary and design appropriate nutritional strategies for your client’s at a basic level.

This Course Would Suit 

•Therapists and healthcare workers wanting to understand basic nutritional principles
•Students wishing to gain confidence in nutrition related topics before embarking on a full qualification course
•Therapists wanting to give their clients basic nutritional aftercare advice
•Beginners and mature students who wish to update their knowledge of nutrition
•Anyone interested in learning about nutritional health for themselves or their families.

Students will need to produce a food diary for themselves and analyse it

A Test for the end of course

Nutrition Syllabus

Nutrition and Diet
Negative Dietary Factors
Government Initiatives and Health Promotion
Obesity and Body Mass Index (BMI)
Food Diaries
Micro and Macronutrients
Vitamins A & D
Vitamins E & K
Vitamin C and the B Vitamins
The Digestive system
The Path of Food
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
Analysing Food Diaries

End of Course Test (20 multiple-choice questions)

Requirements for this course?
A good command of verbal and written English is an advantage. It is also advisable that you have reasonable computer skills to enable you to email and open attachments. Tutorials are sent by Word (You need to have office word or compatible version of software)

Note**Maximum time to complete the course is one years from the date of booking

Please read Terms & Conditions before making a booking