The Balance Procedure Level 1 Workshop

The Balance Procedure Level 1 Workshop


Can start any time

Cost: On-line £120 - 2 × 2 hour sessions (includes the book and the cards)


Accredited with FHT, IICT & CThA


The Balance Procedure is now more than 10 years in England and it's effects are undeniable. It inspires you to reconnect with your passion and put the fun back into your life as it gives you  an easy to use tool which strengthens your connection with the law of attraction.  TBP reminds you who you are and brings into your awareness who you are right now ... and who you would rather be ... and empowers you to create it.
Whether you are looking to change and create your own World, find direction, manage yourself, your emotions and health ... or if you are interestng in becoming a Practitioner and Trainer in The Balance Procedure, this is the first step.
The Balance Procedure is great for animals too - your own pets, your clients' animals and for rescue animals it is a way of moving them forward from their unfortunate past and emotional and behaviour issues.
TBP empowers you to remove unwanted behaviour and thought patterns and remove fear and anxiety from your Life, giving you the confidence to be who you want to be and to continue to evolve.
If you are a Practitioner then this is your opportunity to be a part of this dynamic system. The accredited Level 1 workshop gives 5 CPD points.
If you purely wish to change your own World then we look forward to meeting you on this day.
TBP is a very well put together system which incorporates the universal energies of numerology, zodiac, planetary influences, crystals, colour, Reiki, the elements and sacred geometry, with the positivity of affirmations. The more you use The Balance Procedure, the more multi-faceted you realise it and that you now have the tool to work on yourself on so many different levels.  In addition,  your own imagination will bring new an innovative ways of using it for yourself because each of us is on a unique journey.
These energies combine through the use of 9 symbol cards, to rebalance your own energies which is the most important factor in bringing clarity,  balance and harmony to your world.
Once balanced, you are empowered to create your life and make changes so that you are living the life that you truly choose for yourself. You become the person you know you want to be.
Once your energies are balanced, and your life is on course, then comes the interesting bit.... to manifest what you want in your life with ease, and so you naturally repel what you do not want.
The fabulous thing is that you do not have to divulge anything about your inner most feelings or thoughts. The book and the cards will indicate what the possible causes of each imbalance is as it occurs or surfaces in your world. You simply rebalance your energy.
This accredited level 1 workshop is a pre-requisite for Practitioner Level 2, which in turn is a pre-requisite for becoming a Trainer in TBP ... should you wish to go down either of these paths.
In person in Spain £150 - 1 day workshop
On-line £130 - 2 × 2 hour sessions 
Both costs include the book and the cards
Accredited with FHT, IICT & CThA