Reiki 1

Reiki Level I workshop

Date: - Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday - email to book a date

Venue: Velez Malaga, Malaga, Spain.
We can recommend local accommodation of all types and car hire if required

Cost: £90

Phone: 01643 703964


Reiki Attunements

Learn how to heal with this wonderfully peaceful & destressing
therapy. It is the start of a fabulous journey of
enlightenment & health of the mind, body & spirit.
When you’re drawn to Reiki, it’s time to make positive
changes to your life. It is so more much than just
healing – as you’ll find out for yourself. Be wise, calm
& the person you want to be

An Overview
Reiki is often referred to as hands on healing or healing hands. It's the start of a journey which enables you to heal yourself, your friends and family.

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy ... the energy which brings all living things to life and which heals by providing the body with the energy it needs in order to heal itself.

It works on an emotional, physical and spiritual level so you can heal your mind, body & spirit in order to put the past behind you and move forward .. and keep moving forward.

The Reiki mantra says it all:
Just for today I won't be angry
Just for today I won't worry
Just for today I'll do my day's work honestly
Just for today I'll count my many blessings

A guided meditation to start each day
Introduction to Reiki including the history, background, ethos and What is Reiki?
What does it mean to be able to do Reiki
My role as your Reiki Master .. from Attunement and throughout your journey
The Chakras
The Reiki Ideals
What to expect
The Attunements .. I give the power symbol to my Reiki I students
After lunch each day we'll do another guided meditation
How to protect yourself and others during a treatment
How to conduct a Reiki treatment
Reiki Guides
The next 21 days .. what to do and what to expect
Giving a Reiki Treatment .. Theory and then actual practice.

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