Verified Reiki Professional Practitioner course

Verified Reiki Professional Practitioner course

Date: - email for dates

Venue: Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, BS36 2JY

Phone: 07971 790770 / 07792 603287


Conducted by: The Reiki Connection

Cost: £249 (Please only pay £50 deposit to book your place, final balance of £249 payable before you want to start the course direct to tutor)

Entry Requirments: None

This course is a distance learning course, being taken as a stand-alone Reiki course cumulating in the verification certificate. The following should be noted:
Ø  You will have Reiki 1
Ø  You will have Reiki 11, if not then it should be scheduled in with the training course
Ø  You will have received in-person attunments/initiations
Ø  You will have a recognized/verified lineage that will be checked
Ø  If you do not have Reiki Practitioner insurance this will need to be attained by the end of the course
Ø  (Reiki Organizations tend to have block insurances with insurance companies such as Balens.  If you are not in a Reiki Organization and do not have insurance please speak to me as The Reiki Connection (TRC) does have such a scheme and your training can include free registration with TRC with a very competitive membership rate.  N.B. This is not a stipulation.)
Ø  If you do not have the required number of in-person Reiki training to meet the criteria set by the Reiki Council (and therefore CNHC) then you will need to provide evidence of continuing in-person training with your Reiki Master, or be able to attend workshops in Frampton Cotterell to build up your required hours.
Ø  This course is designed to incorporate standard Reiki training from your current Reiki Master; you are not required to retrain in Reiki
Ø  The course has no set start or finish date so you can work at your own pace, building up the required criteria
Ø  Should you have been a Reiki Practitioner for some time and already have the required number of in-person training you will need to evidence this
Ø  There are 5 modules to work through.  As each module is completed, fill in the ‘test’ sheet and email to me.  If all OK (and I’m sure it will be, if not then between us we will identify any concerns) then the next module will be emailed.  These modules are based on the National Occupation Standards for Reiki (provided with the course material).
Ø  Copied of your certificates, lineage and insurance will be needed before module 6 is carried out – this being the verification certificate being attained.  There is a separate charge of £45 for the actual verification process. This is a standard fee charged by the Reiki Council Member Oganizations to cover the costs of verification.  This would be with The Reiki Connection, an approved verification organization for the Reiki Council and CNHC.  Module 6 is the Reiki Council Questionnaire where your knowledge of the National Occupational Standards is tested.
Ø  Also, before the verification certificate is issued and the fast track form sent to CNHC (if this is what you require) you will need to give an ‘observed’ treatment.  The Observer is required to fill in certain paperwork and send in to me.  The cost of this is observed treatment is not covered in this course so is an additional cost.  It can be carried out with the Observer watching a treatment or receiving a treatment.  If I do not have an Observer in your area then we will work together with your Reiki Master to find a suitably qualified person to carry this out.  The person must be an external/independent person so cannot be a friend, family member or a known Reiki colleague.  Most observers charge £25 for this, plus any travelling costs incurred.
The cost for this distance learning course is £295 plus additional costs listed above

Please read Terms & Conditions before making a booking 

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