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Sizzling Minerals  - contain over 70 different essential plant-derived minerals not available in today’s food – great for you and great for your clients!

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There are Lemon & Lime flavour minerals.
They are also available in Natural, Cherry Berry and Orange.

With each purchase of your chosen flavour (priced at £28.97) or £23.98 on an autoship monthly you will receive one month's supply. This will be sent via first class post in 2 tubes of 15 tablets (30 in total).

It is recommended that you take these mineral supplements for at least 3 months to really feel the benefits.
You will be contacted around a week after your order has been dispatched to discuss the product and money saving options moving forwards.
It would help a great deal if you could leave a telephone number with your purchase details.

The health benefits of these minerals far outweigh those you'd expect from over the counter minerals.
So why is this?
Well there is far too much information for us to write here,  but here's some of the basics to start with:
They are 100% plant derived.
Standard "over the counter" minerals are rock and clay derived - our bodies just aren't designed to ingest them.
Plant derived minerals carry a negative charge, meaning your system will absorb far more of them.
It is recommended that you take these minerals for up to three months to really feel the benefit.
The testimonies of people using this product will astound you!
Individuals with conditions including M.E, Firbromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Gout, Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation 
and many other conditions, as well as just those wanting a better quality of life are reporting dramatic changes.
Every person on the planet could benefit greatly from switching to plant derived minerals!

So why use Simply Naturals and Natural Therapy Studio?
Simply Naturals are the only company providing plant derived minerals in a water soluble tablet form.
Simply drop one tablet into a bottle of water and drink slowly through the day for best results.
Storing one month's supply of these tablets takes up far less space than bottled solutions.
Also your dosage is 100% constant and accountable.


Gut Problems

For many years I had gut problems and was diagnosed with IBS and food intolerances which I was advised to learn to live with. In 2009 I became severely anaemic and after a series of tests it was discovered that I had a huge ulcerated growth in my duodenum and was bleeding internally. The doughnut shaped growth had grown over part of the entrance to my pancreas and I was also told that I needed urgent pancreatic surgery which would take eight hours to perform. During the operation most of my stomach, all of my duodenum, my gall bladder and part of my pancreas was removed and the scar reached right across the front of my body. The operation left me disabled and with mobility problems. I was in constant pain around the area of my diaphragm and found each day a struggle. During the winter months I caught one infection after the other. The NHS tried hard to help and prescribed painkillers which made me feel like a zombie. I had difficulty sleeping and before long got very severely depressed. I tried every complementary therapy and remedy I could to get some relief but nothing lasted.

Last September a friend recommended that I try Sizzling Minerals. I had become so depressed by then that I wasn't interested and couldn't even be bothered to buy them so she sent me a months supply as a gift and my husband made me take them. Shortly afterwards I started to sleep better. Next the depression started to lift. After that my pain levels were reduced to a bearable level and I was able to give up the painkillers. Last winter I was completely free from infections and now after 11 months of taking the Minerals I feel as though I have my life back again. I still cant believe that a natural, plant based product that I dissolve in a glass of water and drink daily has helped me so much. My husband saw how well I was and also started taking them and they have helped him get rid of arthritis and the chest infections he used to suffer from regularly. We both feel that we have been given a new lease of life for 80p a day and it is absolutely wonderful.

With best wishes Veronica


Having been lucky enough (?!) to have had hippy parents I have always been aware of the importance of good nutrition and am generally very healthy. However, at the age of 11 I had developed bad psoriasis on my scalp – horribly itchy, scaly and flaky – very difficult to resist scratching until it bled and embarrassing because it looked like bad dandruff.  Many years later a Plant Minerals leaflet was put in front of me and it made perfect sense…  So I decided to try it with an open mind. My psoriasis was still with me although I had learned to manage it. Within 3 days it was itching in a way it hadn’t for some years, this lasted 24 hours and then went.

Literally within 6 weeks it was completely gone with no evidence I’d ever suffered

My hairdresser couldn’t believe it! …and it has not come back.

I work as a chiropractor, promoting natural healthcare on a daily basis and recommend the product to patients who also suffer from psoriasis. Pleased to report that they are seeing good results too.

Rebecca Taylor



Aches and Pains Improved

I have suffered with pain in my knees for many years, football, cricket, squash, and I am now an indoor bowler.

For years when I have bowled I have to take pain killers 20/30 mins into the game, in the last 2 weeks I have bowled about 10/12 games ( 2hrs per game ) and I have taken a party of handicapped people for a 2 hour coaching session. In all that time my co-codamol tablets have stayed in my locker.

Also due to broken bone in my wrist from 47yrs ago I haven’t been able to bend my right thumb across to my little finger, I can now. As well as these two, for years I haven’t been able to move my left arm above my head when sleeping face down, guess what, I can now – all because of me taking plant derived minerals.

Roy Colebourn



Branch Retina Vein Occlusion – No More Injections Required

For the past nine months I have been a patient at Moorfields eye hospital. I had a branch retina vein occlusion in my right eye (A haemorrhage or bleed).

I have had four injections in my eye to reduce the fluid build up to save my sight. Last month the fluid had returned and today, I was booked in to have another horrid injection.

Ecstatic does not adequately describe how I felt when the surprised consultant told me that the fluid had gone and I did not need another injection!

I heard that an elderly lady, with the same condition, had been told she needed injections for life but plant derived minerals had stopped the need for any more injections. Incredible that I had the same result today in my third month of taking these plant minerals!

The fluid has gone, yet I was told that injections were the only way to achieve this!

It is obvious to me that the body has healed itself as a result of absorbing the plant minerals it had been crying out for.

Sarah Meers



Heart Issues & Blood Pressure!

My husband and I are in our seventies and last year was our lucky year (lucky we survived it as we both ended up having heart operations) but this year is so very much improved as we are both feeling renewed health now.

His blood pressure is getting lower and mine is getting higher, absolutely fabulous!

I have had low blood pressure for many years which can be a nuisance even when not life-threatening but is not treated generally in the UK. My husband’s BP has always been hereditarily high, culminating in four heart attacks and a triple bypass and even medication does not bring it down where it should be but Plant Derived Minerals are achieving what the drugs can’t !

We have always taken a great assortment of supplements but plant derived minerals, krill oil and vitamins not only achieve so much, much more but work out cheaper too! Plus it doesn’t take half an hour every day to take all our tablets etc!

Hair, nails and skin all look and feel better and stronger and so many aches and pains have disappeared. We are so pleased to be looking forward to a healthy and active old age (about 20- 40 years in the future, I believe) with the help of our “plant mineral friends”.

Gordon & Coreen Haynes.

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