Reiki I

Traditional Reiki I Training

Date:  email for dates

Venue: Targetfit Studio - 6 Hoghill Road, Collier Row, Romford, Essex, RM5 2DH

Cost: £140 (Please pay £140 or £40.00 deposit & £100.00 final balance due 2 weeks later) Private lesson available £140 - Saturdays

Phone: 07971 790770 / 07792 603287


Conducted by: Aromatic Ambience by Denise Groves - Traditional usui reiki master

The first step is called Reiki Level I. The student is attuned to the Reiki energy and taught various hand positions and methods for administering Reiki on the self and others. The main concepts or affirmations of the founder are explained, as well as the ideals around the practice of Reiki. In Japan, this level is called Shoden.

  • Reiki level 1 courses include
  • attunements and techniques in Original Japanese Reiki 
  • a detailed manual 
  • additional handouts 
  • a certificate of completion
  • invitation to join Reiki shares

Case studies - 2 practises on 10 clients. (treatments a week apart) 6 months before going onto Reiki II.