Reiki II

Traditional Reiki II Training in Bristol

Date:  email for dates

Venue: Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, BS36 2JY

Cost £195.00 (£35.00 deposit & £160.00 final balance due 2 weeks before course direct to tutor) 

Phone: 07971 790770 / 07792 603287

Conducted by: The Reiki Connection

Free membership into The Reiki Connection Association

Reiki students (level I, II and Masters) have the option of taking the Reiki Professional Practitioner Course free of charge as part of their training. (Normal price £90)

For those who wish to make Reiki an integral part of their lives there is Reiki 11, or Reiki Master level. This involves a commitment to Reiki in attitude and manner.  Many who take this commitment go on to teach Reiki themselves.  However there are also those people who take all 3 levels of Reiki purely for themselves and their own self development.

Reiki 11 unlocks the gateway to the second degree of Reiki
Your pathway expands, often to encompass and link with other spiritual, or healing, disciplines
This pathway takes you outside of the confines of 'your garden', visiting the 'gardens' of others
Still with the Reiki pathway to follow, guiding you on your way
Here your healing expands to the healing of others, and includes the tools of 'distance healing' if this is the pathway to which you are drawn

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