Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

What are the entry requirements for our courses?

A good level of verbal and written English are required to do our courses. Each course has theory work of reading the manual and written questions to complete. During the training day, a good level of communication with the tutor will be required. If you do not fulfil this requirement. Then you will fail the course and no refund can be given. If you are in any doubt, please give us a call to discuss. It is also advisable that you have reasonable computer skills to enable you to email and open attachments. You need to have PDF reader & Office word or compatible version of software to do the pre-course study.

Payment - Terms & Conditions

Payment for courses can be made by online in our shop (Paypal - fees apply) or cheque (May to October ONLY), Pingit, PayM or Bank Transfer/pay a bill (no fee)

Course Manual's - emailed to you to print out and read before the course.
You may need the newest version of adobe reader & office word or compatible version of software (It is a free adobe software)

**Note - Ipads/Iphones/Androld tablets are not able to veiw the PDF & word documents. You need a computer or lapop to complete the home study part of your course.

Course manual's
The course manual is the property of Natural Therapy Studio and is protected by copyright. You cannot reproduce any of the manual without express written permission from us. You will be in breach of contract by using the manual or teaching the subject from the manual.

The course manual is emailed to you prior to the course once you have paid the full course fee. If you cannot print the manual off, we can provide a copy if you wish, it will be printed, put into a folder and posted to you and would be an extra £7.00 per manual (May to October ONLY)

DVD's, video files & Manuals are for training purposes only and are not to be re-sold due to health & safety

*Please bring your manual to your training day

Refund policy & Cancelling a course will incur the following fees:

Cancelation of a course (if you cancel your course)

  • All deposit's and payments are Non-refundable (after 7 day cooling off period) The coolng off period does not apply once the pre-study is sent as the service has started within seven days of placing your order.
  • No course can be cancelled 10 days before the practical course start date: 100% of the fee still applies. (no refund will be given)
  • Failing to attend a course date (no refund will be given) Or for not being able to provide a model
  • We cannot transfer any course(s) from a booked student to another person.
  • All assessments cancelled 10 days before the course start date: 100% of the fee still applies. (no refund will be given) Re-book fee required.
  • No date change 10 days before the course practical date
  • Course date change £15 admin fee will apply. ONLY before 10 days (No refund can be given once a date change has occurred) If you request a date change. You must then be available for one of the dates offered by the tutor. This could also be moved by us to a later date if required. (no refund will be given)
  • The Full course payment would be due again if cancelled within the 10 days of the practical day (no refund would be given)
  • No refunds given once any course work, books or materials have been issued for Home study courses. 100% fee still applies. (no refund will be given) 
  • No refunds can be given for any course once any course work, books or materials have been issued for a course. 100% fee still applies. (no refund will be given)

A minimum of 2 students are required to run a course. This is so you have a practice partner to work with on the day. (Some areas offer Private lessons if you can bring a model. Please check with us and we may be able to arrange this for you)

In the unlikely event your course is cancelled last minute by the tutor due to unforeseen circumstances you will be offered alternative dates or venue. If you cannot attend this date your tutor or training school will refund the course fee if this has been paid. 

Course payment - In the event of a genuine reason for cancelation (proof of which may be required) a request for transfer to a later course will be considered at our discretion. (not 10 days before course start date) Courses transferred will incur an admin fee of £15, otherwise the above charges will apply.

All overseas students have to make payment via our shop though Paypal (admin fees apply)

**Entry requirement  - It is your responsibility to check that you have the entry requirement for the course you are booking. No refunds will be given if you book onto a course that you cannot get insurance for after.

All course payments are strictly non refundable for Courses Conducted by: Holistic Therapies Training and any courses not a Natural Theray Studio course & Reiki Courses (We take no responsibility for these courses; we are only the booking agent)

Insurance Cover

It is your responsibility to check with your current insurance company that you can get insurance cover after passing the course and that they will accept our course for insurance. Please check with your insurance company before booking. If you do not have insurance, we will provide details of insurer's who will cover you in your manual. (This is not needed to do the course) But student insurance is recommended to be taken out for your practical training day and for your practice on models after your course. These are some companies you can use.    


or http://online.professionalbeautydirect.co.uk/products/student-insurance

or https://www.salongold.co.uk/student-insurance-cover

or you can use your own student insurance company?

Insurance Companies & Membership you can use

Westminster Indemnity - https://uk.westminster.global/?Introducer=1420  obtain a quote or call FREE on 0800 53 53 666 or 01305 839 939 speak to Chris - Quoting "Natural Therapy Studio" for the best rates

Discounted Professional Membership 
Available to all Natural Therapy Studio Graduates. Receive a Discounton Full IICT Membership

Practical Day Training (Intensive One-Day courses)

We offer intensive courses (we recommend you read your course training manual emailed to you before the course)All NTS courses have Pre Course Questions to be completed. You need to be in good health and ready to study on your training day.

Any Medical condition must be declared before booking a course, that could affect your training

Do not drink alcohol 48 hours before course as you will be dehydrated.

If you arrive at the training day and you or your model are unwell, sick, or not fit to complete the training. You may be asked to leave. Due to health & safety.

A model will always be required on 1-2-1 lessons. (2 or more students will work on each other as models) You will not receive a treatment on a 1-2-1 lesson (For Eyelash Ext & Tinting courses you will always need a model that must be patch tested before the course, on Waxing courses the model needs enough hair growth)

We require x2 student to run a course.

We can run as a slightly shorter day in some areas as a private lesson if you can bring a model (some areas have an extra cost for 1-2-1 lessons) You would not receive the treatment if a 1-2-1 lesson

Private lessons - A model will be required to bring with you to work on. The class will be only half a days training. You will give a full treatment on the practical training day (but not receive one)

Certification - Certificates are only awarded once students have demonstrated that they have absorbed the information presented during the day and after applying a satisfactory treatment observed by the tutor. (Final exam and assessment)

To ensure that we carry out good practice, should the tutor feel that you would benefit from further training, your certification will be held back and you will offered the opportunity to come back for another assessment. Students who do not reach the required standard on the training day will be asked to go away and do some case studies and return for another final assessment. (You will need to pay the tutor for an extra hour of their time) Or you will be required to pay and do the full course again?

There is a list on each course details of what you need to bring with you to the course training day. Under heading Do I need to bring anything? Please make sure you bring these with you?

Traveling to your course venue

If is your responsibility to have checked and looked up directions to find your venue.

Please take the tutors contact details with you.

Arriving at your course on time

If you arrive at your course more than 15 mins later the tutor may refuse to let you join the class. You will have to pay and book again. The class may have already started and unfair on the other students. Please allow plenty of time to arrive at your course. We suggest arriving 15 mins before your course is due to start.

If late for a 1-2-1 lesson then room hire extra costs may be incurred for further time. You will be charged this cost to continue with the course and must be paid there and then before the tutor will commence training. (or pay for the course in full again on a later date)

If you are over 30 mins later for your practical training class. The tutor may have other appointments and can no longer run the class for you. You will have to pay the final balance for the course again and re-book another date.

For 1-2-1 lessons - your payment will be used to cover any venue room hire and you will need to pay the final payment again to the tutor to re-book another date (or pay for the course in full again)


Our courses are taught to a high standard throughout, it does not diagnose medical conditions and should not be treated as a substitute for medical care. Contra indications and benefits are discussed as part of the course but are not intended to represent medical advice, nor be deemed as a treatment to cure or prevent disease.

All Manuals have been checked and approved for accreditation through The CMA & IICT & accreditation with insurance PBD & Westminster Ind.

Natural Therapy Studio accept no liability for injury or loss to person or property throughout.

Natural Therapy Studio holds no responsibility for damage caused by you to another person after you have received your training.

Any complaints or grievance please contact Keith Jewell on - keithjewelltutor@gmail.com